Storytelling dinners 

The concept is simple. The result stunning.

Bie from de Maaltafel catering and Katelijne bring people together around a table. Delicious food is served and stories are told. The participants themselves also get the opportunity to have a chat with their dinner companions.

Sex in the city

 Sex in the city- Food and stories

With delicious bites full of spice and tantalizing ingredients, we like to tickle your senses. The story on this occasion is equally warm and sensual. Peter Verberckmoes takes care of the right mood with his guitar.

Dinner with Red Roses 

This is an exclusive storytelling dinner where your senses will be touched in every imaginable way.

Scents, tastes, words, sensations of all kinds tumble over each other with the sole purpose of taking you to the core of our existence: the here and now in which you may enjoy good food and a good story.

The food served is of Mexican origin. The story is equally so: a turbulent family history about love, life and death.

Sea food and stories

You are gathered around a large table.  You are served finger food appetizers with the sea as the great source of inspiration. And yet not one fish has had to die for it. All fish dishes are of vegetable origin. All this is larded with wonderful stories starring the sealpeople.

Forgotten stories of familygatherings

At this dinner, the main characters are forgotten folktales and long lost recipes. Bie and Katelijne both come from a family in which feasting, good food and stories are important. At this dinner, they serve the dishes of those bygone feasts and retrieve the stories that were told by uncles and aunts, by grandmothers and grandfathers. Highly recommended for any occasion or family.

Stories for children 

with my Japanese Paper theater (kamishibai) 

Storywalks for families 

with folktales and folksongs from Flanders 

Stories for young adults and adults 

with classical stories like Midsummer night’s dream after Shakespeare, A Christmas Carol after Dickens or ‘Caught in Scheherazade’s web’ with a compilation of stories from ‘Arabian nights’.

Stories and music

foto's © Cedric Craps

Dirk De Cleen


Peter Verberckmoes

gitaar & zang

Katelijne Billet


Broken Hearts +12

Katelijne talks about the search for love and its (im)possibility. Peter sings jazzstandards and bluessongs in English, Spanish or French. Dirk on double bass provides a solid base on which the rest can flourish.

This performance can be booked as a concert or as a musical narrative. Those who love music will be satisfied. Those who love a good story will be equally pleased.

The Ship of Fools +16

A long time ago, Hieronymus Bosch created a wonderful painting with this title. The Ship of Fools was the ship on which the foolish and sick were put, only to be pushed adrift into the sea. Powerless, the ship bobbed around waiting to sink. This story sheds a different light on that ship. In a pub in the harbor live Marie and Jeanneke. Mother and daughter have been taking care of their pub clientele for 14 years as if it's their family. They know everyone's story and that makes all the difference. When one day a strange ship enters the harbor, a cycle comes to its end. A strange man wearing a crazy hat enters Marie and Jeanneke's pub. Conversation falls silent. The tension is palpable. But Marie, Jeanneke's daughter, smiles when she sees the stranger enter. From that moment on, everything changes. 

This story has been written by Katelijne a long time ago. Against the light of an everyday setting, a magical-realistic fairy tale unfolds whose deeper meaning will be clear to any listener: when you let go of things, there is room for something new.

When you've lost your words +5

With Peter's music, this interactive story becomes a true feast for the eyes and ears. Katelijne tells about a little, sick girl Anna. She is so sick that no one believes she will ever get better. Until one night a strange visitor comes to see Anna. Miss Letters from Letterland has been sent out by King Edo and Queen Ode to ask for Anna's help. Anna responds even though she is shaking with fright and pale with exertion. Will Anna succeed in her mission and will she manage to get better? That is what you will find out while listening to this story.

This story is a modern fairy tale in which riddle solving and word games with palindromes are the guiding principles. You don't have to be the strongest to accomplish anything: empathy and strong intuition count just as much. This story is highly recommended for all those who want to make children and girls in particular stronger from the inside out.